Defining “Technology”

definition of Technology

What Is Sensing Technology? How Is It Relevant To Sensors?

If an input error is routinely detected and recommendations for correction are recognized, then the ideas are offered to the user, except it will jeopardize the safety or function of the content material. Labels or instructions are provided when content requires consumer input. Navigational mechanisms which are repeated on a number of Web pages inside a set of Web pages occur in the same relative order every time they are repeated, unless a change is initiated by the person. A mechanism is on the market for figuring out particular pronunciation of phrases the place meaning of the phrases, in context, is ambiguous without knowing the pronunciation. Web content doesn’t prohibit use of enter modalities out there on a platform except where the restriction is important, required to make sure the safety of the content material, or required to respect consumer settings.

“Heading” is used in its common sense and includes titles and other ways to add a heading to several types of content. More than a method is out there to find a Web web page inside a set of Web pages besides where the Web Page is the results of, or a step in, a course of. A mechanism is on the market to bypass blocks of content material that are repeated on multiple Web pages. Provide methods to assist customers navigate, find content material, and decide the place they’re. Do not design content material in a method that is identified to trigger seizures or bodily reactions.

For example, if using handwriting to enter textual content, the enter approach (handwriting) requires path-dependent input however the underlying function (textual content input) doesn’t. Custom tooltips, sub-menus, and different nonmodal popups that show on hover and focus are examples of extra content material covered by this criterion. Examples of additional content material controlled by the consumer agent include browser tooltips created through use of the HTML title attribute.

When an authenticated session expires, the person can proceed the exercise without lack of knowledge after re-authenticating. For requirements associated to flickering or flashing content material, check with Guideline 2.3. All performance of the content material is operable by way of a keyboard interface with out requiring specific timings for individual keystrokes. This exception pertains to the underlying operate, not the enter method.

Privacy laws could require express consumer consent earlier than person identification has been authenticated and earlier than consumer data is preserved. In circumstances where the consumer is a minor, specific consent will not be solicited in most jurisdictions, countries or regions. Consultation with privateness professionals and legal counsel is advised when considering data preservation as an strategy to satisfy this success criterion. Users are warned of the duration of any user inactivity that could cause data loss, unless the info is preserved for greater than 20 hours when the consumer doesn’t take any actions.