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For instance, if using handwriting to enter text, the input approach (handwriting) requires path-dependent enter but the underlying function (textual content enter) does not. Custom tooltips, sub-menus, and different nonmodal popups that display on hover and focus are examples of further content material covered by this criterion. Examples of extra content material managed by the user agent include browser tooltips created via use of the HTML title attribute.

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Privacy laws could require express user consent before person identification has been authenticated and earlier than consumer information is preserved. In circumstances where the user is a minor, express consent will not be solicited in most jurisdictions, international locations or areas. Consultation with privacy professionals and legal counsel is suggested when contemplating data preservation as an strategy to satisfy this success criterion. Users are warned of the length of any person inactivity that could trigger data loss, except the information is preserved for more than 20 hours when the consumer does not take any actions.