Teaching in Classrooms with Virtual Reality CAVE

With the rapid technological advancement, we shift from the usage of one gadget to another in no time. One interesting and intriguing part is that learning and entertainment now revolve around virtual reality. It is a state that takes us into a different environment when we are in our most normal and physical world. Here, we will discuss one such part, which is now used in schools. VR was previously only used for entertainment but is now a great way of learning. Know all VR CAVE technology and why you must use it at school.

What is a VR CAVE?

VR CAVE offers you a virtual space when – usually an empty room which has walls, ceiling, floor, and so on. Schools might need to use projectors to explain or create an immersive virtual scenario. The students have to wear headsets and have a wand in their hands. These wands are none other than joysticks or data gloves or other relevant devices.

How does it work?

CAVE stands for Cave Automatic Virtual Environment when you wear a headset and watch 3D images and graphics in front of you. You seem to have objects floating around you or suspend in the air. You feel like you can touch what you see or walk along what goes beside you. If you look into them closely, you will realize that you can see the intricacy of every object. These also make noises like they are real and increase a child’s imagination level.

CAVE was introduced in the early 90s and worked through electromagnetic sensors. With the mix of the virtual world, it can now use infrared cameras. The projection system you use needs to have high-resolution and small pixel size. This keeps the illusion intact and can track the user’s movements properly.

Different types of applications for VR CAVE

Plenty of educational institutions now use the CAVE technology for teaching students. It is also a form of research and review for subjects like architecture, archeology, art, automotive industry, aviation, biology, military, geometry, engineering, life science, metrology, physics, medicine, and more. More and more universities are adapting to the use of CAVE technology and helping the students learn better.

How is VR CAVE important?

Going through Antycip Simulation will help you understand how VR CAVE helps in terms of both education and entertainment. It is an easy and affordable way to project subjects and make students understand in more detail. These are more fascinating than traditional books that many don’t like to read.

The system of CAVE along with the VR aid is transforming lives and education. It is an essential part of the medical industry and is helping people cure more diseases. For instance, the virtual world can help a new doctor know more about an operation. He can then plan the complex moves in the right way and be sure of what he is doing. It also has a commercial advantage by saving money on research, design, and more. The scope of using the CAVE technology is infinite and educational institutions must understand this soon.