Can You choose the time of pick-up and delivery?

Logistic service companies make deliveries within a specific time frame, ranging from hours, strong, 9.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday.

In some cases, especially during the high season, the courier could arrive before or after the time slot mentioned above.

They understand the importance of knowing a specific time for collection. This is why, in some cases, they can provide you with the courier company number assigned to your order, so that you can contact them directly. Depending on the availability of the courier, you may be able to agree on a specific time. With the best way to send a parcel to USA you will be properly satisfied.

Does the courier phone before picking up or delivering a package?

In some countries the courier will call before collection and delivery. However, it is not provided for by the service, and the courier is not required to do so. Please keep in mind that if you decide to call, you will only do so if you have been given a local number.

Do I have to print a label?

For standard shipping services, it is not necessary to print any labels. It will be necessary to print and apply the label if the collection takes place in Poland, Sweden or Spain, or if you have chosen the Flexi service option (available only for some client companies).

For cargo shipping services, it is necessary to print the label only if it is communicated by the. However, they suggest that you place a copy of the order confirmation with the relevant details on your package. It will be easier to trace and deliver the package, in the unlikely event that the label is damaged or lost.

From which addresses can the courier be picked up?

  • The courier can pick up only from complete addresses and with an exact zip code, as provided when ordering. Make sure you have already received mail or other deliveries at the same address.
  • Couriers can pick up from apartments, student dorms, corporate offices, corporate warehouses, private addresses and hotels and hostels.
  • For apartments and addresses with multiple units, the courier will sometimes deliver or pick up at the main door of the building.

Are there collection points where can we leave my package?

In general, the package must be picked up at a specific address. This can be your home, a friend’s house, a hotel or the workplace. At the moment, the affiliated courier companies have collection points available only in some countries. You can Track your parcel in every possible way now.

Does the driver have tools to weigh the package at the time of collection?

Usually, the weight of packages is checked when they reach the local warehouse. Therefore, they do not guarantee that at the time of pick-up the courier will have at his disposal the tools necessary to check the weight of the package. In the event that the package is found to be heavier than the order selected, the courier may charge you the extra weight or return it to your address.