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The amount of knowledge that can be saved or processed in an information system is dependent upon the technology used. The capability of the technology has increased quickly over the past many years, in accordance with Moore’s regulation. This holds for storage capability, processing capacity, and communication bandwidth.


More recently, approaches similar to “privacy engineering” (Ceross & Simpson 2018) prolong the privacy by design method by aiming to offer a more sensible, deployable set of strategies by which to attain system-wide privacy. Besides augmenting current surveillance systems, ICT methods are these days mainly used within the digital domain, sometimes grouped collectively under the time period “surveillance capitalism” (Zuboff 2019). “Information technology” refers to automated methods for storing, processing, and distributing information. Typically, this involves using computers and communication networks.

What Does A Career In Information Technology Look Like?

For enterprise corporations, private data about prospects and potential prospects are actually additionally a key asset. The scope and objective of the personal knowledge centred business models of Big Tech (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple) has been described in detail by Shoshana Zuboff under the label “surveillance capitalism”. Computer scientists also have expertise corresponding to deep programming knowledge and information methods analysis that permit much more opportunity to freelance.

We are actually capable of storing and processing knowledge on the exabyte level. For illustration, to store 100 exabytes of data on 720 MB CD-ROM discs would require a stack of them that might nearly reach the moon. The revelations of Edward Snowden, and extra lately the Cambridge Analytica case (Cadwalladr & Graham-Harrison 2018) have demonstrated that worries about negative consequences are real.

The technical capabilities to collect, store and search massive quantities of knowledge concerning telephone conversations, internet searches and electronic cost at the moment are in place and are routinely used by government companies and corporate actors alike. The rise of China and the massive scale of use and unfold of superior digital applied sciences for surveillance and control have only added to the priority of many.