7 Facial Skin Problems Often Experienced By Women

Having healthy, clean and radiant facial skin is the desire of all women, even men too and of course you won’t miss it right? All ages, both young and whose age is old, assume that beauty has become a necessity and not a choice anymore. But unfortunately, many women have complaints on their facial skin. Like the oily face, facial acne to dull and dry skin problems. Problems on facial skin can not be considered trivial, because as we all know that the face is one important factor to support the perfect appearance.

By using ACSEINE products, you will have clean, well-maintained facial skin, which of course can make us more confident and look more charming in front of others. For more information about ACSEINE products, you can visit https://www.acseine.in.th. Now, talking about problems with facial skin, then here are some problems with facial skin that are very common in women.

7 Facial Skin Problems Often Experienced By Women

We who live in , which has a tropical climate, the risk of experiencing problems with facial skin will be higher. Problems on the facial skin such as acne, dull skin, dark spots on the face and dry skin. The problem faced also has different factors. Like, people who live in urban areas for example, with a myriad of busyness in the office can choose to do skincare treatments to overcome their skin problems.

If you are a home woman who has a lot of work at home, then the choice of using natural ingredients is good for you to accompany your day at home. But if you are one of the women with skin problems on the face and until now you have not managed to find an effective way to overcome them, then you are in a very appropriate article. Because in this article we will discuss how to overcome your skin problems. Previously, we will discuss 7 facial skin problems that are often experienced by women. The following is a more complete description !!

1. Pimples On Facial Skin

Facial skin problems this one is a problem that often occurs in everyone. Women or men with all kinds of skin. Many things can make acne-prone skin, in addition to hormonal factors and the food we eat. Maintaining facial hygiene becomes the main thing to deal with acne problems. Dirt and dust that clings to and lazy to clean your face after the activity is the main cause of acne.

Don’t leave your face thick oily and make dirt dust stick in there. The use of makeup or skincare products that are not in place can also stimulate acne problems. For skincare, especially at this time many skincare that initially makes facial skin look good and healthy but because it contains chemicals such as mercury and hydroquinone create dependence so that when stopping use can make facial skin acne problems arise.

Therefore, make sure that you choose beauty products that clearly have permission from Kingdom and its composition. Lots of beauty products that claim to be safe but still questionable safety because they do not have permission from Kingdom. In fact, cosmetics that do not have permission from Kingdom usually contain ingredients that are not necessarily safe to use even dangerous for facial skin. Therefore, make sure that you choose cosmetic products that have official permission.

2. Dry skin

Is a tropical country. The problems that lead from tropical climate make the skin tends to dry quickly, especially for owners of dry skin types. In addition, the makeup products you use also affect the skin.

3. Wrinkles or Wrinkles

This problem is a problem that often happens to everyone. Women or men with all kinds of skin. Usually, wrinkles or wrinkles on the face arise because of age. But now many women under the age of 30 have dry, wrinkled skin. This happens because of pollution and once again using excessive makeup or using the wrong skincare.

4. Spots on the face

One of the skin problems that are often faced is blemishes, dark spots or dark spots caused by UV rays, air pollution, makeup, or hormones. Spots that most scourge the face is melasma. Often, this black stain makes women less confident and usually, they will solve it only with cream or powder so that the black stain is disguised. Basically the spots are the same as other facial skin problems. The current lifestyle makes spots easier to occur.

5. Large pores

Usually enlarged pores in young patients due to active oil glands. Another cause of enlarged pores is due to reduced collagen density, aka age.

So the causes are different how to deal with it is also different. So making the size of the pores becomes smaller and making blackheads reduced is not an easy matter right. The key to overcome the new oil glands can overcome all these problems.

6. Dull Face Skin

Dull Skin Problems are everyone’s problem. At the time of facial skin does not use the right treatment even though air pollution and the use of excessive makeup must make the skin dull. The process of skin regeneration is normal 28 days but sometimes it does not occur in people who do not do facial skin care.

7. Pockmarked or Acne Scars

This pockmarked acne scars are common because of recurrent acne infections somewhere and there is quite severe inflammation and late and wrong treatment. We only need to relieve infection and control excess oil on the face (this is like we break the chain of the causes of acne) if any action is taken we can inject the inflamed pimples with anti-inflammatory or anti-biotic (if necessary).

The choice is whether we will continue to use creams that contain mercury and or other chemicals to look beautiful. The effects of mercury are well-known to many people, even though they still use it to look beautiful in the interim but all the dangerous risks are forgotten. Or they will solve it only with a cream so that problems on the facial skin can be resolved so as to be obscured. Because having healthy, clean and radiant skin can be had by all women and men, with any type of skin and for all ages with a range of products from ACSEINE.

You who have acne problems and facial skin problems can use a special night cream for acne prone skin, use ACSEINE Acne Treatment. Cream formulated by Team Ratu Aura with natural AHA content so that it helps overcome the problem of acne and prevent it from coming back. The glycolic acid and lactate acids present in AHA help to reduce the pores of the skin, thereby preventing oil from being excessively released by the oil glands.

Acne can be formed by the presence of oil content on facial skin which can cause bacteria on the face. Bacteria that clog these pores can make the skin become inflamed and reddish, causing acne problems. The content of salicylic acid in ACSEINE Acne Treatment can relieve inflammation that occurs when acne appears on the face. Simply by applying the ACSEINE Acne Treatment to the area of acne prone skin, then your acne problems can be resolved slowly.

After your acne problem is resolved, then the next step is how to deal with acne scars on the face and nourish it so that facial skin looks brighter naturally. The trick is to use ACSEINE Advanced Day Cream in the morning and also ACSEINE Brightening Cream in the evening. This day and night cream from ACSEINE has natural ingredients that are very useful for preventing sun exposure during the day and nourishing facial skin at night.

The contents of selected natural ingredients in it are processed through advanced technology without the touch of a hand so that all ACSEINE products are sterile and save to use.