What is IPV4 and why you should use it

It can be said that practically all the Internet users are committed to anonymity, in one form or another. After all, no one wants to be watched by others everywhere. However, achieving this goal is not as easy as it may seem, because every resource you visit records your personal data, and your provider knows what websites you have visited.
All this is possible thanks to IP address – the unique address of the computer, the main goal of which is to let the server knows to which client specifically it has to send data about pictures or text information. The most common type (there are several of them), is the ipv4 address — the address that is used most often on the network, as well as when purchasing a proxy.
So, what are the main features of ipv4 address that could influence the user’s decision to use it?
The IPV4 address is the fourth type of Internet protocol, and it remains the basis for serving the network and is otherwise called the “External Address”.
After all, the address allows only to understand approximately which computer to send information to, and it is impossible to identify a location in the real world using it, although many inexperienced users still believe in it.
But this is not only the address of the machine, but the protocol, that is necessary for the two machines located at different ends of the earth to understand in what format and on what principle to exchange data. For further detailed information about IPv4 and how to buy it, go to the site https://proxy-seller.com/proksi-dlya-bukmekerskih-kontor.
Generally speaking, we can say that the network ipv4 addresses differ as follows:
● Full support. On this protocol, the entire Internet was originally built, respectively, each resource supports it, without exception, that cannot be said about other varieties. This type is used for the proxy servers that allow you to mask your activity in the network. But how to change ipv4 address? It is enough to take even the basic tariff “Individual ipv4”, which will provide you quality servers for your needs, used only by your desires and for specific purposes. Moreover, you can choose the location.
● Transmission speed. If you do not dig too much into the learning of technical nuances, this protocol practically does not limit the speed of the user’s connection to the Internet.
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● Unlike IPv6 proxies, IPv4 is supported by thousands of different services and utilities that allow you to create “bridges” from several proxies that further complicate the tracking of your actions. Services are not always able to unravel such a web. But, naturally, in order not to lose in speed, the chain will require high-quality and dedicated servers.