Market Share of VPS Hosting is About to Explode in 2020 – Here are 4 Reasons Why

The robustness of VPS hosting has made it a preferred solution for many businesses to host their website. In addition to the server uptime, low latency and bandwidth advantages that VPS facilitates, it also gives websites many benefits that catapult their web presence.

One of the things worth mentioning about the progress of VPS is the surge in its demand, globally. Though we have seen technologies like the cloud being adapted rampantly, research data by industry mavericks tells us a different story. VPS hosting is on the rise and how. At a staggering 15.3{2a79250889bbb436aede83d3d9821727c714ae644fdce8eebb7ee5764bc860a0} CAGR over a period of three years, VPS is here to stay.

This article seeks to unfold the story as to how the market share in India for VPS hosting is about to explode in 2020 and why. So without further delay, here goes:

  1. Linux holds a larger market size and is still relevant

Many companies today engage with Linux-based applications because the market and customers demand so. So, it would be fair to say that since Linux-based applications are in vogue, the market size of VPS hosting is also increasing day by day. A key factor that has driven the growth of VPS’ market share is the affinity of developers to reduce all the hardware at their data centers and their overall infra. Since developers and business owners alike want less bulk when it comes to security infrastructure, one can say that there is an even greater scope for VPS hosting to rise since the technology relies on virtualization more than physical assets.

  1. Larger enterprises hold a higher market share

Since large enterprises are moving towards hardware which is lesser in volume but better in performance, one can safely say that VPS , especially in India for VPS hosting is touted to grow in the years to come. A key reason behind this is that large enterprises understand the importance of having an infrastructure that is not bulky in nature. If this thinking holds true, then VPS hosting as a service will have more scope for growth. This will complement the growth of VPS market globally.

  1. Internet penetration in APAC is about to explode

One of the reasons for VPS to take centerstage globally is because of the growing internet penetration in APAC, specifically India, China and Singapore. Co-incidentally many organizations are also going to host their business websites because of relaxed internet regulations in these countries, since the internet and e-commerce space is still in a nascent stage. Hence, businesses that are serious about their data’s privacy and security are likely to choose VPS because of a heavy reliance on a tried and tested bet. For them understanding the architecture and setup of VPS hosting is not new since it is used by many businesses in that region.

  1. VPS is preferred by non-cloud enterprises

As old fashioned as it may sound, but many enterprises are today ‘unclouding’. One of the key reasons being data privacy and security. Enterprise owners and CIOs are of the opinion that cloud hosting can attract many attacks because of its ‘open’ technology. This predicament has made them trust and resort to something as simple as VPS hosting.

In the long run, enterprises need only one thing when it comes to hosting their website, and that is security. If any hosting provider or solution can fulfill this need, they will definitely end up buying the service in India for VPS hosting.


Here is hoping that you enjoyed reading about VPS hosting and why it is touted to explode in 2020. If you have any questions or queries, please leave the same below. We will try to answer the same as much as possible.