Growing Business with SD-WAN Solution from Teldat

The Internet is one of the main needs of the global community. Realizing that business people in the world need optimal internet connection services to be able to catch up with the development of the world industry, Teldat has developed a form of internet connection services that can fully be tailored to the needs of users. With a customizable internet connection service, Teldat is one of the best providers in the world.

The form of internet connection services developed by Teldat is based on 6 network product models, namely SD-WAN products, mobility products in vehicles, wireless LANs, Teldat Routers, Management, and Industrial. With these 6 products, Teldat has the flexibility to provide internet connection services that can be fully adapted to the needs, situations, and conditions of the user.

Decrease operating costs and increase human resource utilization for multi-branch installations. Companies can use bandwidth more efficiently and can ensure the performance of critical applications without compromising the security and privacy of your network.

The features that are offered are also the best, they are

Cloud Net Manager Integration

This feature is the company’s solution for performing maintenance and repairs for large networks. Starting from Wifi Lan to the router. Whether it’s installed at the head office or branch offices in all regions.

Automatic Configuration (ZTP)

If your company has problems with the network, whether it’s a complicated problem or not, SD-WAN Teldat Providers should go directly to the field, because it can be fixed from anywhere without having to make contact. The SD-WAN network can be configured automatically via the cloud.

Global and Detailed View

CNM Visualizer is a technology that is owned by Teldat to migrate to the central application network. This technology can also perform traffic monitoring and data analysis on your network. CNM Visualizer will also send complete and detailed data in real-time to you.

Simplified Management Tasks

Besides CNM Visualizer, Teldat also has other technologies, namely CNM Controller. This tool is useful for configuring the network to remain in a secure position. This tool can also combine MPLS and internet lines to choose the best route, and it can also reduce company operating costs.

By looking at these features you should considering SD-WAN providers Teldat to become your partner in corporate network problems. For more complete information, please visit