7 Ways to Improve Your Memory and Creativity

In this day and age, information is easily available. Suppose you want to go to a place, surely that information can be searched, either through a real world asking people, or cyberspace through the internet. With the need for that information, something new will appear for us to learn. New discoveries are beginning to be discovered and need to be searched for more detailed information. In the internet world who doesn’t know with Wikipedia. An electronic encyclopedia that contains various knowledge from all over the world. By opening the site, you can search for various kinds of information that are important, and certainly easy and fast.

But what knowledge have you discovered can you keep long enough in your memory? Can that information survive in your brain? Of course, you need to train your brain to have a strong memory so that existing knowledge stays in your mind. A strong memory is important, but being able to think creatively is also an important thing in life. A balanced combination of having a strong memory and a creative mind can create a productive self. To get complete information about herbal supplements, please visit CBD Oil.

Here are 7 simple and effective ways to improve your memory as well as your creativity:

1. Make the Brain Work and Be More Active

A bodybuilder to get a big body is of course not just sitting or being quiet? Of course not, the bodybuilder has to practice weight, lift the weight of iron and to balance his weight a bodybuilder certainly has to eat regularly so that their bodies and muscles become the ideal body posture of bodybuilders. As with your brain, it needs to be constantly trained to think so that your brain continues to grow and develop.

So what are the simple ways to train your brain?

Very simple, you can use two ways, always use your brain first. Use your brain to always think of reaching a solution in every problem in your life. Do not let your brain lazy, do not want to think, just want to relax and maybe just obey whatever others say to you. The second method is also simple, namely brain training by using several games that stimulate brain training. Examples of these games are mostly found in books called brain gym, you can buy at the bookstore closest to you, then you follow the instructions to train your brain. Or even easier, if you have the internet, you can find applications to train your brain on Google or your SmartPhone. Just follow and play, surely your brain will be trained by itself. However, it must be remembered, this application is only to train your brain, so you give a time limit to play it, for example, 1 hour a day, so you are not addicted and actually inhibit your other activities, balance also by consuming nutrients and vitamins that your body needs and your brain, herbal supplements like CBD Oil Canada.

2. Counting Sheep

Believe it or not, counting some animals and chasing sheep in our minds is the easiest way to improve your mental health. How did it happen? The answer is you can because you train your focus in sequence.

By training your brain by counting sequentially, you can practice focusing on remembering more information. But the effectiveness of this exercise will be better if accompanied by getting enough sleep regularly. If you get enough sleep, you easily receive and respond to information correctly and correctly, because your brain has time to take a break.

3. Release Stress for a moment

In our lives, problems come and go so often that we don’t have time to rest our brains. Stress due to existing problems forces the brain to work continuously. And if the brain works continuously the results actually make our brain tired, dizzy and reduce our focus and memory. It’s good, take the time to get out of our mind’s stress for a moment. Traveling with family or just relaxing watching TV at home can help you to release stress for a moment. By releasing our stress for a moment, our mind can rest and in time it will be used again, our brain can be more fresh so that it can improve the ability to remember and creativity.

4. Move

Yes, walking not only makes you healthier physically and mentally, but this method is very helpful for a writer in spurring creativity or creativity! A doctor and a professor conducted a test and found that around sixty percent of people who move have high enough creative thinking in their mindset activities compared to people who think while sitting.

Apparently, by thinking while walking, the brain is also active (moving). When you walk, your heart performs the activity of pumping blood and oxygen quickly and sends throughout the organs of the body. Your brain and all other organs get an extra dose of oxygen. By doing walking activities it is very helpful to create a new network between brain cells and increase your brain’s memory capacity.

5. Play a song

It can be said at this time that music can increase creativity and mentality

someone. For anyone, any age and anytime music can enhance one’s creativity. Maybe you’ve heard about classical music when you work on math and science quizzes. In Einstein’s opinion that what is done is true and that is a good idea! This is justified because when listening to classical music using the right brain and when taking a math test using the left brain so that they do both while helping to connect the two hemispheres of the brain. Listening to classical music also increases cognitive skills for relationships, so the basis of your brain gets the urge to interact.

6. Smile

Learn to forgive the past. Remember that our brain has received a lot of problems, and it is impossible for our brain to continue to accept and remember the past again. Personally, it’s time to be creative so we can keep up with the development of the world today, and have to learn how to think about forgetting the past. One effective way to forgive and forget the past is to smile. Smiling makes your brain program out excitement hormones. And these hormones trigger your happiness so your creativity to think out. And of course, your memories can appear well when you need them.

7. Painting or Drawing

Painting or drawing is one of the good activities for your brain to increase your creativity and memory. By painting and drawing, you use imagination centered on the right brain. The more you are able to imagine, your creativity is, of course, getting out and honed. But what needs to be considered also, direct your imagination to positive things according to your goals.

Thus 7 Ways to improve your memory and creativity. Take your time to do these activities so that your brain can continue to be creative and have a good memory.